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I've been busy this weekend. Lots of bike-riding, people-seeing, and general fun-having. I sold the Kona Dew Deluxe and bought a road bike (it's an aluminum Specialized Dolce, way too girly-looking but hella comfy and fun to ride) from Haley. Rode 50k on it this afternoon out to Richmond with a good group of friends.

I rode at Critical Mass on Friday. It was fun to see so many friends all at the same time. I also got a copy of the new issue of Momentum (a Vancouver cycling magazine), and my review of The Third Policeman is in it. Yay! The online version isn't up yet, but I'll post a link as soon as it is.

I and some friends are also starting up a monthly ladies' fixed-gear ride. It will be on the third Friday of the month, probably around 7. Not sure where we're going to meet yet.

I've been taking my camera to work with me, so I've taken some good pics around the city, which I will post later.

Clearly a more detailed post is in order soon. Not tonight, though - too tired.


Also. I totally fucking covet these shoes so hard.

ETA: Urbandictionary is the shit. Example: I knew about haterade, but didn't know about hater tots. It's also a fuckin' goldmine for Yay Area slang, so you can start your education in thizzics.

ETA THE SECOND: I learned how to make my hair into a sexy sexy pompadour this weekend, and I also bought some sick stunna shades. Hot stuff, my friends.
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