Straight Hedge Yardcore (marlo) wrote,
Straight Hedge Yardcore

Adam was hit by a car last night. He is okay in that nothing was broken, but he's still quite injured and is probably going to the hospital today (definitely not going to work). The driver ran a red light, like just wasn't paying attention at all, and if Adam had been one second further ahead, he might have died. Luckily he had many witnesses, and the driver couldn't have driven away because his bike was right under her car. So he got all her ICBC info. Also, our friends Stephen and Lacy happened to be driving by right then, so they gave him a ride home. The bike's pretty much destroyed, so he just locked it up at the scene.

In other news, I have a cold and I went home early from work yesterday. I'm still sick today, but they need me to be here, so here I am.

In better news, Trent was listening to some Gui Boratto in his car on our way back from visiting Kelsey in Whistler this weekend, and I am enthralled. I know so little about electronic music, and so many people like shitty shitty stuff, that it's hard to find the good stuff. Boratto is Brazilian and I guess it would be classified as minimal techno/house. It's so classy, I love it.
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