Straight Hedge Yardcore (marlo) wrote,
Straight Hedge Yardcore


What does it say about Livejournal that often I'll have blog ideas, and if they're just short two-sentence things, I don't blog them over here anymore? I'll post it on Tumblr, or if it's really really short I'll tweet it. I have way more "followers" over here on my LJ, although a lot of them are probably inactive, but unless something needs to be friendslocked or it's a big long entry, I don't really bother over here anymore. 'Cause it's dead. Also, I haven't added a new LJ friend in at least a year. Just keepin' up with all the old blogs.

I have bronchitis, which is gradually dissipating. I'm reading Philip Roth and he seems pretty misogynist (despite being a great writer). I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday, which will also be the family's celebration of my 30th birthday and any other family members' birthdays.

I've been listening to lots of old Slate Culture Gabfest podcasts, which are good, so long as you don't listen to too many in a row.
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