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The best thing about seeing Daedelus on Thursday night was when he sampled Björk's "Hunter", followed by some Dead Prez, followed by the fucking "Gimme Pizza" Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen song. Altogether he was fantastic. He lived up to the praise my friends were heaping on him before I saw him.

I'm getting tired of dubstep (especially excessive wobbles -- the novelty wears off after a while). I was saying to my friends that night that I like it when dubstep is actually techno.

Gaslamp Killer played that night too, but it wasn't nearly as good as the set we saw at 560 Seymour.

I read The Hunger Games and I really really liked it. I'm reading a Bill Bryson book (the history of houses, I forget the title) as a palate cleanser before reading the next one, because when I read books by the same author back to back, they tend to all run together in my mind.

Life is pretty low-key and uneventful these days. We're both low on money so we stay at home a lot. Adam has been making a lot of origami and studying chemistry (he wants to go to grad school once he gets his permanent residence). We've been watching Dexter together. I've been reading lots. Also eating squash and/or brussels sprouts at dinner nearly every night - yay for seasonal vegetables.

Zuul has fleas, and we've been trying to get rid of them since the summertime. They almost go away but then come back again. I just did a shit-ton of laundry today including all of our bedding, and I need to vacuum again today and get Adam to do all his clothes too. She's wearing a flea collar. We did put that Zodiac stuff on her a couple weeks ago, but I think they survived in the rugs and furniture, hence my need to vacuum. Anyway. If worse comes to worse, I guess we could fumigate.
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