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learn all the aliens' lines in Star Wars!

I lifted all of these from here.


The following dialogue from the original trilogy is phonetically transcribed by me and spelling errors may occur. As noted above, the text that appears in the films is slightly altered from the screenplays and other sources.

"Koona t'chuta Solo?" (Going somewhere Solo?)
"Soong peetch alay." (It's too late.)
"Ee mara tom tee tok maky cheesa." (You should have paid him when you had the chance.)
"Jabba won neechee kochba mu shanee wy tonny wya uska. (Jabba put a price on your head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you.)
"Chosky nowy u chusu." (I'm lucky I found you first.)
"El jaya kulpa intick kuny ku suwa." (If you give it to me, I might forget I found you.)
"Semal hi teek teek." (Jabba's through with you.)
"Sone guru ye buya nyah oo won spasteega koo shu coon bon duwa weeptee(?)." (He has no time for smugglers who drop their shipments at the first sign of an Imperial cuiser.)
"Talk Jabba." (Tell that to Jabba.)
"Boompa kom bok nee aht am bompah." (He may only take your ship.)
"Nuklee numaa" (that's the idea.)
"Ches ko ba tuta creesta crenko ya kolska!" (This is something I've been looking forward to for a long time.)

Jabba (in Special Edition):
"Solo, la pa loiya Solo!" (Solo, come out of there! Solo!)
"Bone duwa pweepway?" (Have you now?)
"Han, ma bookie, keel-ee calleya ku kah." (Han, my boy, you disappoint me.)
"Wanta dah moolee-rah..." (Why haven't you paid me...)
"Mon kee chees kreespa Greedo?" (And why did you fry poor Greedo?)
"Han, ma kee chee zay." (Han, I can't make exceptions.)
"Hassa ba una kulkee malia..." (What if everyone who smuggled for me...)
"Lude eveela deesa..." (drooped their cargo at the sight...)
"sloan dwa spasteega el was nwo yana da gooloo?" (of an Imperial starship?)
"Han, ma bookie, baldo nee anna dodo da eena." (You're the best.)
"See fa doi dee yaba..." (So for an extra twenty percent...)
"Dee do ee deen." (Okay, fifteen percent.)
"Ee ya ba ma dookie massa..." (But if you fail me again...)
"Eek bon chee ko pa na green." (I'll put a price on your head so big...)
"na meeto do buny dunko la cho ya." (you won't be able to get near a civilized system.)
"Boska!" (Come on!)

Episode V Film:

There's not much for languages in Episode V. This is indeed confirmed as Huttese by Ben Burtt in his Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide. He goes on to say the translation is unprintable as it is a bad insult.

"E chu ta!" (n/a; probably something akin to 'Go f--- yourself.' [Can you imagine?!, poor Threepio...heehee])

Episode VI Film:

The following Huttese is phonetically transcribed from the actual film. As noted above, the Huttese in the movie is slightly altered from that in the screenplay. Spelling errors may occur.

TT-8L/Y7 "tattletale" droid:
"Tee chuta hhat yudd" (n/a)
"Chee cha ka aka kooka. Aye ga." (n/a)
"Ah'chu apenkee?" (Who are you?)
"Artoo Detoowha bo Seethreepiowha ey toota odd mishka Jabba du Hutt." (n/a)
"Artoo Detoowha..." (R2-D2...)
"Haku. Wonna me theechoo..." (n/a)
"Oh Seethreepiowha." (and See-Threepio.)
"Ee lanky." (n/a)
"Toota..." (n/a)
"woony coopa." (n/a)
"mishka Jabba du Hutt." (n/a)
"Coochoo wonky ma pee gassa. Ha ha ha" (n/a)

Bib Fortuna:
"Dtay Tola!" (n/a)
"Dtay wonna wanga." (n/a)
"Dtay wonno wan go." (n/a)
Bib Fortuna:
"But hoo!" (n/a)
"We bring a message to your master, Jabba the Hutt."
Bib Fortuna:
"Deh Jabba wanga." (n/a)
"And a gift. What gift?"
Bib Fortuna:
"Neh Jabba no botha. Iz dye woto. Say gotto doh mooty." (n/a)
"Nee Jabba no badda. Me chaade su goodie." (n/a)
"Nee Jabba zo ba de yo." (n/a)
"He says our instructions are to give it only to Jabba himself."
Bib Fortuna:
"Nudd Chaa!" (Forward march!)

Please note that some of the background chatter is actually Greedo's dialogue from Episode IV.

Background chatter in Jabba's throne room:
"Mun yar uska." (n/a)
"Eenie goo dad eh." (n/a)
"Chosky nowy ku chusu." (n/a)
"Maray tom tee tok maky cheesa." (n/a)
"Chobodd ee kafstu an delay." (n/a)
"Hooka tabahtahtah." (n/a)

Bib Fortuna:
"Caba no tase ma lord, uh." (n/a)
"Good morning."
Bib Fortuna:
"But choo ah day tot." or "Bah choo eh tat tad." (n/a)
"The message, Artoo, the message."
"Bo shuda!" (n/a)
Bib Fortuna:
"Master bargain ent wenite,. He's no Jedi." (n/a)
"Ha! Mongo/Bargon wan chee kospah ooh." (There will be no bargain.)
"Pee cha ka wunchy culpa tong me too chonky troi." or
"Peecha wanchee lockhba tang nannee du chonky troy." (I will not give up my favorite decoration.)
"Solo fol too ma kay chalia." or
"Solo thawt du mocky chalia." (I like Captain Solo where he is.)
"Ah ab godda ta neecho boke ooh neetah." ("Ah do that again.")

These lyrics and partial translation were given to me by a member of According to the Star Wars Insider #67, "Lapti Nek" means 'Fancy Man'.

Sy Snootles:

"Ab queck zenick fesi. (Feel my body growing)
Jup col im in na hiz jal, ooh. (My bones have started glowing)
Wa toc peg qui dos gee pif, aah. (The time has come for showing)
Joh jarraz bas deg zorze zot. (That I'll shape you up and work you out)
Jer wih tuster mo vey (My body feels excitin')
Qui neb be og ezen on (My soul is synthesizin')
Wok lapti nek seb not van (My whole frame is jumpin')
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot (I'm workin' out and havin' fun)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff (You've got to move your soul)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Kiv ba ha top wep jex pi va bep (You've got to feel the heat)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff, WaaaOw! (You've got to move your soul)
Av queck zenick fesi (Feel my body growing)
Jem wih tus-ter movey (My body feels excitin')
Qui Neb be og ezen on (My soul is synthesizin')
Wok lapti nek seb not van (My whole frame is jumpin')
Wah toc peg qui doz gee pif (The time has come for showing)
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot (I'll shape you up and work you out)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff (You've got to move your soul)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Kiv ba ha top wep jex pi va bep (You've got to feel the heat)
Lapti Nek (Work it out)
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff, WaaOw! (You've got to move your soul)
Deg zorze zot (Work you out)(?)
Jem wih tuster mo vey (My body feels excitin')
Qui neb be og ezen on (My soul is synthesizin')
Wol lapti nek seb not van (My whole frame is jumpin')
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot (I'll shape you up and work you out)
Lapti Nek, (Work it out)
(.......repeats, fades...........)

"Bo Shuda!" (n/a)
"Da Eitha!" (n/a)
"Oo toozi kwazi kwa! Kwazi kwa!
"Na chuba negtotie. Na! Na! Natoota..." (?)
"Ooh bonga!
Boscka!" (n/a)
Boushh: (*Boushh is actually speaking Ubese)
"Kee atay. Kee atay. Kee ato." (n/a)
"Cheesah beecha wonky Chewbacca." (At last we have the mighty Chewbacca.)
"Conchee ta droi." (n/a)
"U bah ko ratta kah ba wipa ky is ka chone kawa wookiee." (n/a)
"The illustrious Jabba bids you welcome and will gladly pay you the reward of 25,000."
"Kee oto. Kee oto." (Fifty thousand no less.)
"Un yung kosa fifty hahtoo!" (n/a)
"Una keechoo hi?" (n/a)
"The mighty Jabba asks why he must pay you 50, 000."
"Ay yoto." (n/a)
"Because he's holding a thermal detonator!"
"Ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha...yigh.... Kasu ya lee coy rah doe kankee kung... ("This bounty hunter is my kind of scum...)
"Ubahn chone aleepa." (Fearless and inventive.)
"Uneetung thirty five, dateel, in ahm ny." (n/a)
"Jabba offers the sum of 35 and I do suggest you take it."
"Kee ato cha." (n/a)
"He agrees!"
Bib Fortuna:
"Ees teen." (n/a)
"Zeeba." or "Zeebuss" (I agree et al.)
"Ducha!" (n/a)

"Ho ho ho...Toy --- dook --- thee a g--- con thee bassa." (n/a)
"Manchy kabook noonee Solo,," (It's too late for that Solo...)
"makingsa lee ka bok bagthra..." (you may have been a good smuggler...)
"beeska chata wnow kong bantha poodoo." (but now you're bantha fodder.)
"Yassa nee choo." (Take him away.)
"Lonto, kostlee aht nigh." (Bring her to me.)
"Lonta bo anna ma toto, yaah..." (I'm sure.)
Bib Fortuna:
"Yo mahta chee toya pon Skywalker." (n/a)
"Jabba bo botta battoo." (n/a)
Luke Skywalker:
"I must speak with Jabba."
Bib Fortuna:
"Zeeto zeet." (n/a)
"Jabba no toosa teen okabee no botta." (n/a)
Luke Skywalker:
"You will take me to Jabba now."
Bib Fortuna:
"To tak to Jabba now." (I will take you to Jabba now.)
Luke Skywalker:
"You serve your master well.
Bib Fortuna:
"Ay soto va lochah." (n/a)
Luke Skywalker:
"And you will be rewarded."
Bib Fortuna:
"Tah choona a totti." (n/a)
"Master, kavah notace Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight." (n/a)
"Tong bas tong wang leepa choonkay." (I told you not to admit him.)
Bib Fortuna:
"Jedi mus spee ek oh een." (He must be allowed to speak.)
"Coo yah maya stupa/koon!" (You weak-minded fool!)
"Hees torona old Jedai mind trick." (He's using an old Jedi mind trick.)
Luke Skywalker:
"You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me."
"Ho ho ho. Ya koo tocha ka poonoo nee sok nyee." (Your mind powers will not work on me, boy.)
Luke Skywalker:
"Nevertheless, I'm taking Captain Solo and his friends. You can either profit by this or be destroyed. It's your choice..."
"Ha mongo/Bargon wan chee kospah ol Jedi." (There will be no bargain, young Jedi.)
"Chone manya weesh asha beecho." (I shall enjoy watching you die.)
"Boschka!" (n/a)
"Zeedee Jedi! Zeedee Jedi!" (n/a)

"Oona, ah! Oooh la toova." (n/a)
Rancor Keeper and Guard:
"Toova tagi! Eh navoo not. Eh navoo not. Waah..." (n/a)
"Yang chas Solo chone Wookiee!" (Bring me Solo and the Wookiee!)
"Tung ko ro yay ha yaba hahs gee." (They will all suffer for this outrage.)
"Tok droid oo nee tong." (n/a)

[Sarlaac description.]
Luke Skywalker:
"You should have bargained Jabba."
"Ya cha neechoo." (n/a)
"Ma lee ako ma o my ona haba." (n/a)
"Cha too ma laya conky, ya neema loka nyan." (Soon you will learn to appreciate me.)
Skiff guard:
"Nay wonky!" (n/a)
"Bo neetah, uh." (n/a)
"Victims of the all mighty Sarlaac...etc."
"Bom Jedi, ha ha ha."
Luke Skywalker:
"Jabba, this is your last chance. Free us or die."
"Ha ha ha. Sa goonra dayha." (Move him into position.)
"Koos numa." (Put him in.)


"Ooh na! Ooola tun!" (n/a)

When I get time, I'll clean it up a bit.

[edit]: Also, if you want to overdose on your daily nerdity requirement, you should also check out This hilarious fake D&D module at Somethingawful, which is, by the way, ten times better than Fark, despite whatever Wil Wheaton has to say.
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